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Jinxiu Tianfu Tower

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Jinxiu Tianfu Tower and television cultural square (referred to 339. television tower) is Provincial and municipal key culture industry project, and is located in No 168, Mengzhuiwan Street, Chengdu, the project covers an area of 43,333 square meters.

Jinxiu Tianfu Tower covers an area of 6,666 square meters, the height of the tower is 339 m, and is the highest tower in the West. As the absolute landmark building of Sichuan Province and Chengdu, 8,000 m2 within the tower is used to conduct high altitude tourism, catering, entertainment and so on.

The television cultural square covers an area of 36,660 square meters, including A, B, C three buildings, integrating fashion shopping, catering and entertainment, leisure tourism, Radisson Blu and commercial office to a whole. Among them, it includes area of 130,000 square meter of 339 Fun Shopping Center which is a shopping center brand developed by CR Vanguard subordinated by China Resources which belongs to Fortune Global 500.

Address: No.168, Mengzhuiwan, Chenghua District