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Zhaojue Temple

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Zhaojue Temple is located at 5 km for north suburb of Chengdu city, known as “the first jungle” of western Sichuan. Established at Zhenguan period of Tang dynasty (AD 627-649), named as Jianyuan Temple, it was given the name “Zhaojue” in Xuanzong period. During Chongning period of Song dynasty, Foguo Keqin (Song Gaozong granted him a name as Yuanwu master) taught Buddha dharma in the temple and it restored to the name “Zhaojue”. In early years of Shaoxing period of South Song dynasty, the imperial order required change the name Zhaojue to Chanlin. In seventeen years of Chongzong period in Ming dynasty (AD 1644), it was destroyed by war. In second year of Kangxi period of Qin dynasty (AD 1633), it was rebuilt. Due to grand temple scale and verdant forest, it becomes one of the famous temples in Chengdu.

Address: No.333, Zhaoqinglu, Chenghua District, Chengdu