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Chengdu Zoo

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Chengdu Zoo is located in northern suburb of Chengdu, near Zhaojue Temple which is a famous temple of Western Sichuan, is the largest city zoo in Southwest, and is the provincial civilized units and the best unit of quality service of Chengdu, and was awarded as “National top ten zoo” by the Ministry of Construction, and won the honorary title “Global top 500” awarded by United Nations Environment Programme.

After nearly 50 years of construction and development, it has been the special park that displays various mammals, amphibians and reptiles, birds, ornamental goldfish and other rare wild animals in danger protected by the state throughout the year that are more than 300 types and 3000 in total. The number of annual reception of visitors is 1.8 million, and it is the largest zoon in the Southwest, ranking No.4 of the top ten zoos after Beijing, Shanghai and Gunagzhou.

Chengdu Zoo is not only the place of ex-situ conservation and display of animals, but also is the base to conduct publicity and education of wild animals science popularization to the public and the research and development institution of researching wild animal breeding, its technology strength is strong, has various professionals team, including 7 senior technicians, 10 intermediate technicians and 11 junior technicians, with their joint effort, “twins nursing of panda” wins the national second award of progress, “panda DNA fingerprint probe development and the establishment of DNA extraction method” wins the national second award of technological invention, besides, there are more than 30 achievements in scientific research obtaining national awards of various levels, the scientific research level and achievements are the top of national zoos.

Address: No.234, Zhaojuesi Nanlu, Chenghua District