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Excelsior Hotel - Chengdu

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Excelsior Hotel - Chengdu, located at Chengdu University of Technology, Erxianqiao Road, Chengdu city, is built into a modern comprehensive hotel in accordance with national four-star tourist hotel, fully operated and managed by Chengdu Xincheng Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

The hotel is located at junction of Chenghua Road, Erxianqiao Road and road for south city highway entering city, 25 min driving range from the airport, 15 min from the railway station, 10 min from Chengdu Core Business Center, 5 km from Longtan Temple, and 7.5 km from Beihu Lake.

The hotel covers an area of 20,000 square meters with building area of about 28,000m2. Its main building has basement and twelve floors, its podium building with three floors surrounding the main building to form spectacular external environment. The hotel has 171 guest rooms, large supermarket of 1,800m2, banks and communication stores of 1,500 m2, comprehensive multi-functional conference facilities of 2,000m2 with 5 large, medium, small types of conference rooms, Chinese food and western food facilities of 4000m2 and spacious entertainment facilities. The hotel has reception hall of 1,500m2 and comprehensive mating service area, so the environment is decent. The hotel is equipped with commercial leisure square and owns underground and ground large scale parking lots on which more than 200 vehicles can be parked at the same time.

Address: No.1, Erxianqiao, Dongsanlu

Tel: (028)6556 1111