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In recent years, Chenghua District has built up the "133" modern industrial system of "take headquarters economy as a leader, take modern commerce, business services and emerging real estate as a support, characterized by e-commerce, cultural and creative and urban tourism".

Firstly, the headquarters economy leads development and continuously strengthens the radiation boosting functions of the district-level economic. Currently, the Longtan Headquarters Economic City has introduced the headquarters types from China National Erzhong Group Company, China Research Institute of Engineering Investigations and Design Co., Ltd and Lei Shing Hong (Hong Kong). The 6 large headquarters bases (including energy saving technology industrial park and Sichuan Beidou Technology Industrial Park are successfully signed and the cluster output value of Mengzhuiwan headquarters has exceeded 100 billion Yuan.

Secondly, the scale of modern commerce becomes clear to build the "main business district + + characteristic urban block+ municipal commerce" of modern business system. The 31 urban complex projects such as Huamao Square, Shang’gu World and Henghe Plaza and 39 municipal services major projects such as Dragon Dream· Chengdu New City and Future Center are moved smoothly. Up to now, there are 60 major commercial projects (the commercial area of 10,000 square meters or more) in this area and the commercial area is 8.22 million square meters. “Chenghua Happy to Shopping and Food• 2015 New Year's Shopping Festival in Jianshe Road Business District” and other consumer festivals are successful held.

Thirdly, the development of the modern commerce is speeded up. Up to now, there are 68 commercial buildings are built in our area and the total business area is 3.5119 million square meters. The number of the commercial buildings under the construction (including Future Center, Chengfenglong Dream, Henghe Plaza and Jintiandi of Chengdu Hotel) is 28 and the business area is 1.8669 million square meters. The buildings which will be built in the year include 9 buildings such as Wan Ji Ji Du headquarters base and Jinke World City.

Fourthly, the e-commerce is vigorous developed. Make all efforts to create “one garden-one area-one center” of mobile electronic commerce innovation diffusion radiation circle. UESTC mobile e-commerce industry base is zoomed from “knowledge carrier aggregation” to “industrial economy aggregation” and it is successfully selected as national e-commerce demonstration bases.

Fifthly, the development of the emerging real estate industry is to be accelerated. Actively introduce well-known developers, create livable brands and strive to develop the emerging complex real estate to collect high-end business, commerce and entertainment, and promote scale agglomeration and radiating capacity of the industries.

Sixthly,characteristic development of cultural tourism. It has Chengdu 339, Eastern Suburb Memory and Honglou 1956 and other cultural facilities carriers. The “International high-quality tourist corridor” has achieved elementary scale and tourist receipts in the first half of the year has been over 8 million and the tourism revenue has been over 5.5 billion yuan.