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Environmental Advantages

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Chenghua, located in the upper hand area of Chengdu, is the greenest district of Chengdu with a green area of 25,330,000 square meters, having a per capita public green space of 12.44 sq.m, ranking first among the central districts of Chengdu. Chenghua has so many ecological name cards: Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding - a world heritage and China's name card, the 14 Chengdu Northern Suburb Scenic Zone - the No.1 wetland and green lung of Chengdu, the 3.8 km Jinjiang River, the 14.2 km Shahe River, the 20 km long Dongfengqu Ditch ...... the landscape sceneries everywhere greatly enhanced the value of Chenghua and the room for the appreciation of land, making her a rare and ideal place for traveling, living and working.