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Investment Environment

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Land Resources: the only central district of Chengdu with a large number of resources to be developed and the district with the most abundant land reserves. The sorted out stock of land is up to 6 By 2020, the new construction land will be 26.65, nearly one-third of the total of the five districts, ranking No.1 of the city. In 2014, 16 deals (726,000 sq.m) of land transfer were successfully concluded, ranking No.1 among the five districts.

Technology Talents: Chengdu's most innovative central district, one of the city's major scientific and technological innovation center, "National Cultural Advanced Area", and “National Harmony Educational Experiment District". More than 40 universities and research institutes including the University of Electronic Science and Technology, a national "211 Project" and "985 Project" key university, Chengdu University of Technology, a well-known large-scale comprehensive science and engineering university, the IT Eleventh Design & Research Institute, the Southwest Electric Power Design Institute, etc. are located here, providing a steady stream of innovative power for the development of the reign with abundant intellectual resources.