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Beihu Panda International Tourism and Recreation Zone

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Planned Range With Chenghua Round-City Ecological Zone as the core, it has a planned area of about 27 square kilometers.

Settled-In Projects Large comprehensive development projects like Panda Town, Banyan Tree Hotel, Stylish Town, Beihu Impression have settled in the zone.

Investment Orientation Relying on the superior ecological resources of the zone and the international cultural brand of panda, on the premise of ecological protection, Beihu will attract enterprises with characteristic cultural tourism, sports & recreation, high-end conference tourism, eco-tourism as the formats to participate in the investment of urban tourism and recreation projects to create giant panda theme tourist zone; relying on the geographical advantages of Chenghua Round-City Ecological Zone, with the construction of Beihu Park and Longtan Aquatic Crop Area as the carrier, to the introduce enterprises to participate in land consolidation and to invest in new low-density, high-quality international residential community to create a high-end Beihu ecological community.