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Longtan Headquarters Economic Town

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Planned Range It is located east of the Third Ring Road, west of the Belt Expressway, and south of New Chenghua Avenue, with a planned area of about 13 square kilometers.

Settled-In Projects China National Erzong Group, CECEP, CSIC, Sinopharm, Institute of Blood Transfusion of Chinese Academy of Medical Science, Longtan Waterside and other headquarters and supporting projects have already settled in.

Investment Orientation With primary headquarters and regional headquarters as the major formats, Longtan has introduced headquarters of manufacturing and service industries like machinery & equipment, electronic information, environmental protection construction, steel & mining IOT (e-commerce), medicine & food, etc.; with Lei Shing Hong, Longtan Yudu, Chengdu Environmental Protection Industry Building and other high-end buildings in the zone as the carriers to attract R & D, design, sales, billing and other functional headquarters; and with Longtan Waterside as the core, relying on the human and logistics resources attracted by headquarters enterprises, to invite investment in supporting businesses of hotel, commerce, catering, entertainment, etc. to create a comprehensive and well-equipped "Hundred-Billion Industrial Park."