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The district will grasp the opportunity of the construction of "China UnionPay Mobile E-Commerce Base" and "China UnionPay Electronic Notes Innovative Business Center" to integrate the upstream and downstream resources of the mobile payment industrial chain to attract leading enterprises of relevant industries to settle in Chenghua to build a national-level mobile e-commerce industry base with domestic domination and international influence. Relying on the advantages of UESTC in research and personnel to integrate carrier resources of the Information Industry Building, the old library, and so on to create a technology R & D center to support the development of mobile e-commerce; with Mid Town as the carrier, relying on the agglomeration effect created by China UnionPay, Zlinepay, etc. to forge mobile e-commerce professional buildings; with Jianshelu Business Area as the carrier to create a mobile payment experience demonstration street with public participation; with the Highland Center and Chengdu Hualian East Gate Plaza as the carrier to create a financial platform support base to provide financial services to the mobile e-commerce industry chain; and focusing on Longtan Headquarters Economic Town to build a mobile e-commerce industry chain R & D base.