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Chenghua, honored as the "Essence of Chengdu", is one of the central districts of Chengdu. Located in the northeast of Chengdu, she has 14 streets under her administration, covering an area of 108 square kilometers, with a resident population of 940,000. She has won awards like the "China's Happiest City ", "National Harmonious Community Building Demonstration District", “District with the Most Investment Value of China", "District with the Best Commercial Real Estate Investment Environment in China", and "China's Cultural Tourism Demonstration Base", and so on.

In the new voyage of building the "Western Economic Core Growth Pole", Chenghua District actively adapted to the new normal political and economic development and firmly grasped the main tone of "steady and coordinated development" to comprehensively promote high-end development, group development, innovative development and harmonious development, to accelerate the forge of a "modern east city and comfortable Chenghua", and to build a "district with the most comprehensive strength of the central and western regions".