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Raise Red Lanterns to Welcome the New Year

From:Chengdu Chenghua District Media Convergence Center Date:2020-01-15 〖Font:Big Medium Small Print 〖375 viewer〗 Close

The Spring Festival is approaching, and the District Comprehensive Administrative Enforcement Bureau and subdistricts have started to create a festive atmosphere, hanging lanterns along main roads in the district, hanging slogans for the New Year at major sites, and putting up special decorations to welcome the Spring Festival.
At the Renju Overpass of Rd. Fuqing Lu, many workers were sorting out the red lanterns to be hung up. These lanterns, with a diameter of 1 meter in groups of six, are going to bring a happy New Year atmosphere to the street.
According to a relevant personnel of the District Comprehensive Administrative Enforcement Bureau, to create the atmosphere of the Spring Festival, more than 5,000 lanterns in more than 1,000 groups are to be hung up along the main roads in the district. Chinese knots that glow at night are adopted for Rd. Jianshe Lu, and the newly-designed "Panda Lanterns” are adopted for the part from Rd. Jijanshe Leilu to the Chengdu Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding to highlight the characteristics of Chenghua.