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By Bringing Culture onto the Walls, a Back Street/Alley Has a New Look

From:Chengdu Chenghua District Media Convergence Center Date:2020-01-14 〖Font:Big Medium Small Print 〖375 viewer〗 Close

Recently, the reporter saw at St. Ziqiang Huanjie in Qinglong Subdistrict that a small street here had been completely renovated. The flat road and the new wall paintings with rich local culture of Qinglong not only upgraded the environment here, but also received praises from passengers.
We were told that the subdistrict and community had fully sought out public opinion, with consideration of the actual conditions of the subdistrict, to feature this block with a 500-meter street of the culture of the traditional town fair of Qinglongchang.
As far as we know, the block will be officially unveiled after the Spring Festival and will be equipped with comprehensive public facilities.