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Liu Guangqiang Investigates the Preschool Education Work of Kindergartens in Our District

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On June 18th, District Party Secretary Liu Guangqiang visited the Heyue Branch of the 14th Kindergarten of Chengdu City to investigate the preschool education work of kindergartens in the district. He listened to the introduction of kindergarten construction and development, and asked about the scale and the educational ideas of the kindergarten.

In the investigation, Liu Guangqiang carefully checked the hardware, facilities and equipment, as well as the faculty and enrollment situation of the kindergarten, entered classrooms, nap rooms, and bathrooms to inspect the children's learning and living environment, and went to the various areas to watch the activities of the children. When seeing the kindergarten incorporated elements such as Jinjiang River and Tianfu Greenway into the cultural curriculum, Liu Guangqiang highly praised the kindergarten and encouraged them to continue innovating preschool education ideas and cultivating children's good hobbies, behavior habits and learning abilities.

Liu Guangqiang emphasized that preschool education should respect the nature of young children, follow their physical and mental characteristics, pay attention to cultivating their living habits and learning abilities, and improve their ability to communicate. Relevant departments shall fully recognize the importance of preschool education, continue improving conditions and supporting facilities for kindergartens and strengthening their faculties to provide convenience for children to study in good kindergartens. It is necessary to further improve the management system and faculty and staff incentive mechanism, etc. of kindergartens to jointly ensure the healthy growth of children.