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Thousands of People Visiting the Web Celebrity Park on a Sunny Weekend in Chenghua

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Where do most people go in Chenghua this weekend? It must be various big parks. Thousands of people crowded into the web celebrity park in Chenghua. Some stopped to enjoy the flowers, some rested on the lawn and others strolled leisurely … “Sunshine + Park” is the most eye-catching scenery line in the spring of Chenghua.
In the early morning on the weekend, Xinhua Park is crowded with visitors. There is a corridor decorated by early cherries and begonia as well as the beautiful red-leaf cherry plums, which are rarely seen in Chengdu. Many people are attracted by the spectacular scene of furious spring and all flowers blooming together: going hiking and enjoying the spring, stopping to take photos, and enjoying the cozy “sunbathing”.
In the 740 mu Beihu Ecological Park, you can look into the distance in the small lakeside pavilion, take some creative pictures and share them into WeChat Moments in the “Mist of Clouds and Loose Embankment”, stroll and enjoy the spring sunshine with the family members. 
New greenways and themed sculptures have been added to Granite Yanyun Park carrying the industrial memories of the eastern suburbs, which has shown its vitality. In Shahe City Park, there is a 2-kilometer riding path and a health trail. People can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Shahe while exercising.